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Frame One is awesome! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly!  From booking to billing everything runs smoothly and efficiently.  Onboarding is easy and their infrastructure is sound.  I would highly recommend them for projects big and small.

Lisa Brunt,

Head of Post Production, Haymaker East

Working with Frame One was such a seamless process. The tech support team, plus the extremely efficient interface, kept the project moving forward consistently, so that all we had to focus on was keeping that creative connection going. Throughout the process they were very helpful in finding both tech solutions and ways to manage our project's needs. I think a workflow like Frame One definitely changes the game.

Shelby Hougui,

Post Producer

Working with Frame One has completely transformed the remote workflow on our show. It was no small feat to migrate almost 100TB worth of media mid-season, but their knowledgeable support staff made for a quick and seamless transition. The level of support and overall user experience continues to impress everyone on our team and I wouldn't hesitate to bring future projects to Frame One.

Jake WIlliams,

Post Production Supervisor

We completed a ten episode, decades spanning docuseries from the comfort of our personal offices and homes over a two year period.  A feat I never thought possible and wouldn't have been possible without Frame One. The service and its support staff are phenomenal. If you're looking for a one stop shop for a remote workflow, look no further.

Robert Moreno,

Assistant Editor