Published February 14, 2024


Frame One is committed to maintaining the integrity of its services and safeguarding the interests of its users. To ensure optimal service delivery, the following Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) outlines the guidelines and terms that apply to you and your Permitted Users of any Services. By using any Services, you acknowledge and agree that you and your Permitted Users will abide by the terms set forth in this AUP. Frame One reserves the right to modify this AUP at its discretion, and your continued use of any Services post any revisions constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.



You will use the Services solely for lawful purposes, complying with all relevant laws, regulations, and the terms outlined in this AUP. In addition to the restrictions set forth in Section 2.1 of the Agreement, restricted activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Altering or tampering with any indications of proprietary rights belonging to Frame One or its licensors.

  • Sharing or making available the Services or associated materials to third parties for use in their business operations, unless expressly agreed upon by Frame One.

  • Engaging in reverse engineering, modification, or creation of derivative works from any part of the Services.

  • Utilizing the Services to develop or support, or assist a third party in developing or supporting, products or services competing with those offered by Frame One.

  • Commercially exploiting or distributing the Services without express authorization by Frame One.

  • Reproducing, distributing, or transmitting any portion of the Services unless expressly authorized by Frame One.

  • Unauthorized attempts to access the Services or associated systems or networks.

  • Providing false information regarding Customer identity as required by Frame One.

  • Misrepresentation, fraudulent representation of products/services, or engaging in threatening or harassing behavior.

  • Management of proxy servers on Frame One’s network.

  • Engaging in activities that contravene economic sanctions, trade restrictions, or export regulations imposed by relevant authorities.

  • Engaging in any illegal activities, including but not limited to, violating any applicable laws, rules or regulations.

  • Disrupting the legitimate use of resources by other users or third parties on Frame One’s network or Services.

  • Storing, transmitting, or employing malicious code, such as viruses, worms, or harmful files.

  • Mining cryptocurrencies utilizing the Services.

  • Actions disparaging Frame One through the use of the Services.



In the event that Customer uses the Services for hosting, sending electronic messages, or posting material on websites, Customer agrees to adhere to the provisions outlined in the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), as well as any similar statutory obligations in other jurisdictions. Customer must promptly comply with any notices received under the DMCA (Section 512 of the U.S. Copyright Act) or similar statutes, establish an expeditious process for responding to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the DMCA, and implement a DMCA-compliant policy for handling repeat infringers. Frame One reserves the right to terminate the accounts of Customer and/or its Permitted Users suspected of repeated or blatant infringement of copyrights. Upon receipt of a notice alleging copyright infringement, Frame One may disable access to the Service or remove the allegedly infringing material. In the event of multiple notices regarding Customer and/or a Permitted User, Frame One reserves the right to promptly terminate such Customer’s and/or Permitted User’s subscription to the Services to ensure compliance with the safe harbor provisions under the DMCA or to prevent violations of other applicable laws or third-party rights.



Customer is responsible for ensuring the security of its internet accounts and usage to safeguard the integrity and security of Frame One’s network, encompassing all Frame One network elements, including but not limited to routers, switches, and workstations. Additionally, Customer is responsible for verifying the integrity of transmitted or received information and promptly reporting any detected vulnerabilities within the Frame One network or any suspected incidents of misuse or non-compliance with this AUP. To fortify the integrity of our network, the following activities are explicitly prohibited:
  • Usage or dissemination of tools designed to compromise security.

  • Unauthorized monitoring of data or traffic within the Frame One network or any other network without explicit authorization, as well as deliberate attempts to overload the Frame One network and instigate broadcast attacks.

  • Forgery of any TCP-IP packet header or any part of the header information in an email, and the intentional or negligent transmission of files containing computer viruses or corrupted data.

  • Launching or facilitating a denial-of-service attack on any host or computer on the Frame One network or using any Frame One network resource to disrupt the legitimate use by Customers or Permitted Users of Frame One network resources.

  • Scanning service ports of any host or computer within the Frame One network or any other network, or intercepting packet traffic on the Frame One network.

  • Engaging network interfaces in promiscuous mode.

  • Any unauthorized access or alteration of files, operating systems, or other content of any host or network, unauthorized attempts to obtain login credentials of any host within the Frame One network or any other network, or probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of a system or network or attempting to breach security measures or authentication mechanisms.



If, according to Frame One’s reasonable determination, Customer’s equipment, software, hosted applications, or activities are deemed to present an immediate threat to the physical integrity of Frame One’s premises, the integrity or performance of Frame One’s equipment or network or pose a threat to the safety of any individual, Frame One reserves the right to undertake necessary actions without prior notice to Customer. Frame One will not be held liable for any damage to equipment or data or for any interruption of Customer’s or its partners’ businesses resulting from such actions. Following the implementation of these actions, Frame One will endeavor to promptly inform Customer via email about the actions taken.



To ensure adherence to the terms outlined in the Agreement, Frame One retains the right to oversee and evaluate Customer’s usage of the Services. By utilizing the Services, Customer explicitly consents to this monitoring and acknowledges that Frame One bears no obligation to continuously monitor Customer’s use of the Services.



The acts or omissions of any third party under a Permitted User account is considered the Permitted User’s acts or omissions. Customer is responsible for any access or use of the Services under each Permitted User’s account, including by any third parties that use any Permitted User account. In addition, Customer is responsible for ensuring that Customer and each Permitted User complies with this AUP. A Permitted User’s violation of this AUP will be deemed as a breach of this AUP by Customer.



Frame One reserves the right to promptly investigate any suspected breaches of this AUP to verify the alleged violations. During such investigations, Frame One may, at its discretion, limit a Customer’s network access to prevent potential further breaches. The determination of whether a Customer has violated this AUP is entirely within the discretion of Frame One’s management. Should it be determined that a Customer has breached this AUP, Frame One retains the sole and discretionary authority to impose restrictions, suspend, or terminate Customer’s account without prior notice. Frame One is not obligated to issue warnings regarding such actions. Furthermore, Frame One reserves the right to seek legal remedies to cover any costs incurred during the investigation of confirmed violations of this AUP. In cases where the breach is suspected to be a criminal offense, Frame One will promptly inform law enforcement authorities and fully cooperate in the investigation.